Invest in Your Project

If you already have a project that you have spent time on, either post feasibility, unfinished or operational we may be prepared to acquire part or all of the project from you.  We can do this in many ways, but it is most likely that we will be able to help where you qualify for feed-in tariffs.

This solution enables anyone who has committed to a renewable energy project to obtain a significant capital contribution to their project on day one.  Our funding is not a loan, so you do not have anything to repay.  You are transferring the risk to us.

Not all projects will meet our criteria for investment.  For example, where the scheme was not viable to start with, has underperformed expectations or has been poorly designed, built or maintained then we are unlikely to invest in your project.  The availability of Feed In Tariffs in Ireland and the UK is likely to be a driver too. 

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