Our Approach

We are a professional renewable energy investment group.  CreativEnergy was set up to make a difference to the environment and to empower people who want  to generate their own green energy.  We are here to try to make a difference and will work with you in partnership.  

Our motive is clear, but we always look at projects from a commercial standpoint, and we will only move forward if the project is commercially viable.  Our investment in this space is not focused on high risk, high returns.  We are investing on a project specific basis where we aim to generate steady returns.  For example, we seek to generate 14% pa from solar pv and 22% pa from biomass gasification plants.

Getting us comfortable that you are serious about taking forward a renewable energy project on your property (freehold or long lease) will be a great start.  If you are a farmer  or  have a community based project and have access to a level of grant funding then it is quite likely that  we may be able to help.  Before we take any projects forward we quickly asses whether the project looks viable.  We then undertake a detailed feasibility, which would normally include a site visit.

You do not have to commit to anything until we have carried out a feasibility and we have identified specific solutions that we believe work for you and us.  The level of detail we will go into will include the system and specification that we plan to install together with detailed estimates of the amount of energy (heat and electricity) that we believe we can generate.

At the feasibility stage we will show you not only what the energy saving to you could be, and the money you could save, but we will also explain exactly what we will be spending and the income we expect to generate.  We believe in being very open about our business proposition as we will be entering into a partnership with you.  A partnership that is mutually beneficial, not just for you and us, but for our planet  too.

If you then decide to proceed we will ask you to sign up to the terms and conditions of our arrangement.  This will be a legally binding agreement which we need signed after the feasibility stage.

We partner with government accredited suppliers and once we get the go ahead from you we will obtain all necessary consents including planning permission and DNO, agree a timetable for site preparation and installation of your equipment.
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