Discounted Energy Scheme (DES)

Our headline solution is the Discounted Energy Scheme (DES).  The concept is simple, we pay all costs and deliver a turn-key solution and in return you agree to locate the facility on your land and buy your energy from us at a discounted rate, somewhere between 50-75% of your existing cost (although around 85% for solar pv).  

What we provide:
  • Feasibility Study;
  • 100% of the costs – you do not pay for any of the costs (but we do normally ask you to share 25% of the costs of our initial feasibility study, capped at a maximum of £50);
  • Full turn-key solution where we manage the planning process, design, installation, grid connection and ongoing maintenance and service;
  • Cheap green energy which costs you between 50-75% of your normal cost.  We sign a legally binding contract and guarantee it is cheaper. We simply calculate this each quarter against what your existing provider would have charged (you remain connected to the grid and buy any additional electricity / heat you may need in the normal way);
  • A high quality bespoke product most suited to your needs and environment;
  • An asset on your land that will send out a message about your commitment to our future and at the same time may enhance the value of your property;
  • A professional and straightforward approach;

What we ask of you:
  • That you are serious about going ahead with the project;
  • That once you have committed (after the feasibility)  you support the process fully i.e. planning application, grid connection etc. (we manage this and pay for the costs, but some of these areas need your support);
  • That you agree to sign up to our DES for a minimum period of time (usually 10 years).  This does not stop you moving out or selling the property, but you will need to make sure that the new owner / occupier supports us too;
  • That you provide access to your site to enable us to install and maintain the installation for its useful economic life (visits will be minimal once installed);
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